When is Black Friday

In the USA, Black Friday is the first shopping day after Thanksgiving and marks the unofficial start of the Christmas season.

Because Black Friday is always on a Friday it falls on different dates each year, but is always between November 23rd and 29th.

Black Friday is one of the key retail dates for department stores and other shops that sell Christmas presents.  Many open early and kick start the Christmas shopping season with promotional sales.

What is Black Friday?

The term ‘Black Friday’ is a recent invention, only in common use for the last 20 years or so. It may come from the idea that until that date, all a firms earnings are tied up in wages and taxes, but everything thereafter is profit. Alternative derivations are from the Philadelphia police department who used to plan for exceptionally heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic on that particular shopping day. Black Friday is now also being incorporated as a holiday for many workers, adding to the excitement of the day. Black Friday is an ’emerging festival’ and it will be interesting to see how it evolves during our lifetimes.

Black Friday Special Offers

Many American businesses unveil their Christmas special offers on Black Friday. In addition they often offer Black Friday Special Offers which are usually massive discounts available on Black Friday alone. This gives them a third promotional day between Thanksgiving Day promotions and Christmas special offers.