How is Easter celebrated throughout the world?

Easter is celebrated in both religious and secular ways by many families throughout the world.

Traditional religious observations include the Easter Vigil, lighting of the Paschal candles, chanting of the Easter Proclamation, readings from the Old Testament, singing hymns, baptisms, confirmation and Holy Communion.

Similar to many other Christian dates, Easter celebrations extend beyond the church and is seen as a time of feasting and celebration. This has created a number of non-religious traditions. Many traditions focus around eggs which are a popular sign of Easter. Traditional Easter activities include decorating eggs, egg rolling races down a hill, Easter egg hunts and receiving chocolate Easter eggs delivered by the Easter bunny.

On Easter Sunday, many families celebrate with a Sunday roast which is traditionally roast lamb. Sweet foods such as Simnel cake and hot cross buns are also eaten during the Easter period.

Easter Egg Hunt

Organise a hunt for treasure this Easter

Easter Egg Hunts are one of the most popular forms of Easter entertainment for children. Organising one is easy and fun to do.

Easter eggs and treats are hidden in nooks and crannies of your house and garden.  Intrepid hunters then search them out.  

To make it more fun, you can create clues to finding the hiding places of the eggs, or make a treasure map with “x” marking the spot of hidden chocolate treats.

How to make an Easter Egg Hunt Map.

Ideas for Easter Egg Hunt Clues.

Egg Rolling

Eggs at the ready – then get rolling and take part in one of the oldest Easter Traditions

Egg rolling is an old tradition that involves racing eggs along the flat or down a steep hill.

To compete in an egg roll race you first of all need to choose your egg, hard boil it and then decorate it before taking it to the egg rolling race. If there aren’t any egg races where you live, simply hold one in your back garden and invite family and friends to compete.

The rules of the egg rolling race are simple. Everyone starts at the same point and when given the signal have to either roll their egg along the flat, or down a hill, until the finish line. The first whole egg to reach the finish line wins. Any eggs that smash before reaching the finish line is automatically disqualified.



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