If you are thinking of holding a get-together for kids at Easter and are looking for fun party ideas, we have got something to suit everyone.

Think of your Easter Party Theme

First of all think of a theme for your party. Being Easter your party theme can centre around this. You could theme it simply as an Easter party, or go for something a little different like a fancy dress party – with prizes for the Best Easter Bunny or Cutest Easter Chick.

Or perhaps the theme could be based on an Easter Bonnet Parade. Where each child (and grown-up) has to come wearing an Easter bonnet they have made themselves. These can later be judged in an Easter bonnet competition with chocolate eggs as prizes.

When you have settled on your party themes you?ll need to make sure everyone has plenty of notice so they can start getting ready for the big day.

Make Easter Party Invitations

Sending out Easter Party Invitations a couple of weeks in advance makes sure everyone has plenty of time to get ready for your party. Hand them out towards the end of the school term to give the kids something to look forward to during the Easter holidays.

Making party invitations is a fun activity to get your kids involved with.

First of all get together decorating bits and pieces – buttons, glitter, glue, fabric, tissue paper, paint, pens, cardboard etc.

Then cut the cardboard into Easter shapes – bunnies, chicks and eggs – and start decorating with all your different items.

Write out your invitations making sure you include details of the time, date, venue and theme of your party. If you would like people to RSVP make sure you also include your contact details.

Hand out to family and friends.

Easter Party Decorations

Decorate your house and garden with an Easter theme. There?s no need to spend a fortune on party decorations as these can be made cheaply and easily at home.

Decorate party balloons to look like large Easter egg. Set up large clutches in nests made of straw.

Decorate eggs and hang them from twigs and branches around the house and garden.

Tie ribbons on branches and twigs and hang streamers around the house and garden. Choose Easter colours of yellow and green.

Play Easter Party Games

Making your own party entertainment couldn?t be easier with some great Easter party games.

The Hen and Egg Race.

The objective of the game is for each hen (the competitors) to safely lay eggs (a balloon) in her nest (made from straw).

Divide your party goers into two teams. Each team has a number of eggs – inflated balloons. Each player is required to get an egg safely – without bursting it – from the start of the race to the nest – you can make a large straw nest for this.

To transport the egg, competitors must hold it between their knees. Use of hands is an instant disqualification, as is bursting the egg. In these cases, the competitor must return back to the start and wait for their next go.

Decide on how long you want the race to last. Once the time is up the winning team is the one with the most eggs in their nest.

To make the game more interesting, you could fill each balloon with a small amount of water. This also helps to stop them from blowing out of the nest.

Easter Egg and Spoon Race

Each competitor is given an egg and spoon large enough to hold it.

Balancing the egg on the spoon, competitors have to go as fast as they can towards the end of the race course without dropping or breaking it.

If the egg breaks, it?s the end of the race for the competitor. If the egg falls off without breaking the competitor must stop and place it back on the spoon before continuing.

The winner is the first over the finish line.

Easter Egg Hunt

Hide Easter eggs or treats around your house and garden. Then create clues or maps to help your guest find the treasure.

Make sure they’re tucked away so that curious eyes can’t find them before the hunt starts.

Remember to also hide the eggs at low and high levels so both young and old children have an equal chance of finding the treats.

Fancy Dress Competition

Guests could be asked to come to your party in fancy dress, or you could provide dressing up clothes and decorative items for them to put together a costume during the party. This could either be an individual or team activity.

Make sure you get the right date for your Easter party.


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