When is Easter

Easter is a moveable feast which means the date of Easter Sunday falls on a different day each year.

Easter, Pascha or Resurrection Day is the Christian religious feast that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is believed to have happened on the third day after his crucifixion.

The death of Jesus Christ is commemorated on Good Friday, which is always the Friday before Easter Sunday.

Easter Dates 2013 to 2025

 Western ChristianityOrthodox/Eastern Christianity
Easter 2013Sunday 31 MarchSunday 5 May
Easter 2014Sunday 20 AprilSunday 20 April
Easter 2015Sunday 5 AprilSunday 12 April
Easter 2016Sunday 27 MarchSunday 1 May
Easter 2017Sunday 16 AprilSunday 16 April
Easter 2018Sunday 1 AprilSunday 8 April
Easter 2019Sunday 21 AprilSunday 28 April
Easter 2020Sunday 12 AprilSunday 19 April
Easter 2021Sunday 4 AprilSunday 2 May
Easter 2022Sunday 17 AprilSunday 24 April
Easter 2023Sunday 9 AprilSunday 16 April
Easter 2024Sunday 31 MarchSunday 5 May
Easter 2025Sunday 20 AprilSunday 20 Apri


The Easter Season

The Easter season, also known as Eastertide, lasts for fifty days from Easter to Pentecost and signals the end of Lent, a forty day period of fasting, prayer and penitence.

The date of Easter is set on a luni-solar calendar, which follows the cycle of the moon, and typically falls between late March and late April (Western Christianity) and early April to early May (Eastern Orthodox Christianity).

Easter is an important season in the church year by which other dates in the religious calendar are set such as Ash Wednesday, Lent, Palm Sunday and Good Friday.

You can find out more about when these dates fall for both Western and Eastern Christianity here.  Calendar of Easter Dates.

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