Easter Dates

Easter Sunday is an important date in the religious calendar by which other dates are set. As Easter is a moveable feast, whereby the date changes each year, so do these other dates associated with Easter.

Easter Dates – Western Christianity

In Western Christianity, Easter is preceded by Lent, a period of forty days of fasting and penitence.

The Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday and the three days before Easter are known as Maundy (Holy) Thursday (the Last Supper leading to Eucharist), Good Friday (the day on which Jesus was crucified) and Holy Saturday.

The period of Easter, Eastertide, starts on Easter Sunday and finishes seven weeks later on the day of Pentecost.

Calendar of Western Christianity Easter Dates


2012 2013 2014 2015
Ash Wednesday 22 Feb 13 Feb 5 Mar 25 Feb
Palm Sunday 1 Apr 24 Mar 13 Apr 29 Mar
Maundy Thursday 5 Apr 28 Mar 17 Apr 2 Apr
Good Friday 6 Apr 29 Mar 18 Apr 3 Apr
Holy Saturday 7 Apr 30 Mar 19 Apr 4 Apr
Easter Sunday 8 Apr 31 Mar 20 Apr 5 Apr
Easter Monday 9 Apr 1 Apr 21 Apr 6 Apr
Ascension 17 May 9 May 29 May 14 May
Pentecost 27 May 19 May 8 Jun 24 May

Easter Dates – Eastern (Orthodox) Christianity

In Eastern Christianity, Easter preparations start with Great Lent. This is followed by Palm week, which follows the fifth Sunday of Great Lent, and ends with Lazarus Saturday. This brings to a close the period of Great Lent.

Palm Sunday follows Lazarus Saturday, then Holy week and finally Easter (or Pascha) when the fast is broken. Bright Week follows Easter.

Easter is also linked to the Jewish Passover because of its position in the calendar. The date of the Last Supper, the meal shared between Jesus and his disciples, is generally thought of as a Passover meal.

Calendar of Eastern (Orthodox) Easter Dates 

2012 2013 2014 2015
Clean Monday 27 Feb 18 Mar 10 Mar 23 Feb
Lazarus Saturday 7 Apr 27 Apr 12 Apr 4 Apr
Palm Sunday 8 Apr 28 Apr 13 Apr 5 Apr
Holy Friday 13 Apr 3 May 18 Apr 10 Apr
Easter Sunday (Pascha) 15 Apr 5 May 20 Apr 12 Apr
Ascension 24 May 13 Jun 29 May 21 May
Pentecost 3 Jun 23 Jun 8 Jun 31 May