It is believed that the time of full moon is when the moon’s energy is strongest and full of magical powers. With strong links to female symbolism, the full moon is also seen as a time of abundance, ripening and fertility.

Greek mythology contains stories of Selene, “moon”, a lunar deity, her brother Helios, “the sun” and their sister Eos, goddess of the dawn. Divine tales held that once Helios had finished his journey across the sky, Selene would take up her journey as night falls and light it from the radiance of her immortal head and golden crown.

Roman mythology named their moon goddess as “Luna”, Latin for moon.

Ancient Egyptians believed the sickle-shape of the new moon represented the Isis, goddess of rebirth.

The period of the full moon was also linked with temporary insomnia and insanity, giving us the terms “lunacy” and “lunatics”.

More alarmingly, the full moon gave rise to the legend of the werewolf. Werewolves were believed to be people who through magic, or because of a curse, could shapeshift into a wolf or wolf-like creature with a taste for human flesh. The transformation was thought to be brought on by the full moon.


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