When is Labor Day

Labor Day 2015 to 2020

Labor Day 2015 – Monday 7 September

Labor Day 2016 – Monday 5 September

Labor Day 2017 – Monday 4 September

Labor Day 2018 – Monday 3 September

Labor Day 2019 – Monday 2 September

Labor Day 2020 – Monday 7 September

Labour Day

Labor Day is a US public holiday held on the 1st Monday in September. It first started in 1882 in response to the desire by the Central Labor Union for a day of rest for the working man. A tradition that still holds today, giving Americans a much deserved public holiday.

Fashionistas used to hold the view that as it marked the end of Summer, Labor Day was the last day of the year that it was acceptable to wear white clothing (particularly shoes). The Labor day holiday was first enjoyed by American workers in the 1880s.

Labor Day Customs

Labor Day is viewed as a day of rest and relaxation. This is mirrored in the celebrations undertaken at this time. Families and friends gather for picnics, barbecues and firework displays. It may even be an opportunity for travel and holidays before returning to schools and colleges.

Labor Day also signals the start of the season for the National Football League and NCAA College Football, with their first games falling around this time.