Saint Patrick was a Christian missionary and is the patron saint of Ireland. He was born in the late 4th Century (around 390 AD) and died on 17 March in the late 5th Century. Dates of his death range from 460 AD to 493 AD.

Though born in Roman Britain, Patrick ended up in Ireland at the age of 16 after being captured by Irish raiders and taken to Ireland as a slave. He lived as a slave in Ireland for 6 years before escaping back to Britain. It was during this time in Ireland that he developed his faith in God, who sent him a vision of how to escape.

After returning to Britain, he traveled to Gaul to study under St. Germain for 12 years. He then returned to Britain before fulfilling his calling to return to Ireland as a missionary.

He returned to Ireland as a Christian missionary and is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland through conversion, baptising and establishing monasteries. The majority of his missionary work in Ireland was done during the mid to second half of the 5th Century.

Of the numerous accounts of St Patrick’s death, one holds that he died and was buried at Glastonbury, England. Another states that he died at Saul, Downpatrick in Ireland, where his jawbone was preserved in silver shrine.

Patrick is commonly believed to have died in 493 or 460AD. As with all data from this period there is scant evidence and lots of room for interpretation.

Patrick was made patron saint of Ireland by the 8th Century.


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