When is Saint Patrick’s Day?

The date of Saint Patrick's Day is usually on 17 March every year and commemorates the day Saint Patrick died.

Saint Patrick Legends

Driving the Snakes from Ireland

Probably one of the best known legends surrounding Saint Patrick is that of driving snakes from Ireland. Though it‘s unlikely there were any snakes in Ireland to start with, due mainly to the island of Ireland being separated from the rest of the continent at the end of the Ice Age.

It’s much more likely that the snakes were a symbol for something else. Old pagan religions featured and worshipped serpent symbols. Saint Patrick was responsible for converting many pagans to Christianity.

The legend of driving the snakes from Ireland is much more likely to refer to putting an end to paganism, than actual snakes.

The Shamrock

Another Saint Patrick legend, tells of him using the shamrock in his teachings to highlight the holy trinity. The Christian belief of 3 divine persons in the one God.

Saint Patricks' Day Celebrations

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated all over the world by both those with and without Irish descent. The theme of many celebrations focuses on all things Irish, including the eating and drinking of traditional Irish food and drink, as well as attending St. Patrick Day Parades.

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