A good example of something silly that started on the web as a joke and has grown to be much much bigger than anybody expected. May the fourth is the day when people dress up as characters from the Iconic Movies and generally celebrate the rebel alliance, Jedi, Wookies and the whole Star Wars universe.

The date is easy to remember if you know your star wars lore…

‘May the Fourth be with you’.

So, if on May the Fourth you want to celebrate Star Wars, there is a universe of ideas to draw from. We think the secret is to be a bit tangential in your thinking. It is too obvious to simply go to work dressed as Darth Vader, but a subtle homage to Leia’s haircut could be to simply take doughnuts in to the office.

If you can’t face spending a fortune on May the Fourth, there are some brilliant free designs to download and create from nothing more complex than paper or card. we had fun building this little delight a few years ago.


The AT-AT came out so well that I could’nt bear to take it to work, so it stayed at home for about six months, in pride of place on the window ledge.

Oh, a light sabre audio file for your mobile phone’ ringtone is always an easy win.


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