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When is the next Full Moon?

The date of the next full Moon

The next full Moon is Saturday 6 December 2014.

The Moon appears full when it's on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, and the three are aligned in more or less a straight line. The Moon appears round to us on Earth as the Sun fully illuminates the hemisphere of the Moon facing Earth.

Countdown to the next Full Moon

There are -133 days until the next Full Moon.

All full Moon dates 2014

Thursday 6 January
Friday 15 February
Sunday 16 March
Tuesday 15 April
Wednesday 14 May
Friday 13 June
Saturday 12 July
Sunday 10 August
Tuesday 9 September
Wednesday 8 October
Sunday 9 November
Saturday 6 December

All full Moon dates 2015

Monday 5 January
Tuesday 2 February
Tuesday 5 March
Saturday 4 April
Monday 4 May
Tuesday 2 June
Thursday 2 July
Friday 31 July
Saturday 29 August
Monday 28 September
Tuesday 27 October
Wednesday 25 November
Friday 25 December