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When is Saint Davids Day?

St David's Day 2013

The date of St David's Day 2013 is 1 March

Countdown to Saint Davids Day

There are -760 days until Saint Davids Day.

When is Saint Davids' Day?

Saint David's Day falls on March 1 each year. This national day is a celebration of Saint David's life and Welsh culture.

Traditional activities on Saint Davids' day include attending special parades, church services, choral recitals and Welsh literature readings.

The Welsh traditional costume is worn by some children and adults, whilst others wear on their clothes the Welsh emblems of either a daffodil or leek.

The Welsh flag is displayed at events and at homes. The design of which features a red dragon on a white and green background.

On Saint Davids day families eat a traditional meal called cawl, whose main ingredient is leek.

Who is Saint David

Saint David is believed to have been born around 489 and lived to be 100 years old. He died on 1 March 589 and lays buried in St David's cathedral.

In his lifetime Saint David was known as a teacher and preacher and for establishing monasteries and churches in Wales during a time when paganism was still popular. He led a simple life and encouraged those around him to follow suit. This included refraining from eating animals and drinking beer.

He was thought to be well traveled and even made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

He is often pictured with a white dove on his shoulder. This originated from a dove alighting on his shoulder whilst preaching which was believed to be a sign of a blessing from god.

Saint David was canonized in 1120 and the date of his death was included in the church calendar as St Davids' Day.